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  • Our Christmas wreaths have returned! Exactly as they were last year, colourful, joyful and a feast for the eyes.


    We have two colour palettes; one juicy berries and rich golds and the other frosted lilacs and silvers. Both 18" (45cm), full and sumptuous, with a base of fragrant thyme and cypress, jewelled with berries and texture and finished with a thick ribbon of velvet, satin or silk.


    We will be delivering throughout the country again! Your wreath will be carefully packaged and delivered to your door. Just choose your colour palette and let us know where you’d like your wreath delivered.


    Please note: The order process is slightly different this year as we have a limited amount of each colour. We will be taking orders until Monday 28th November, after this point, we won't be able to take any more orders. All wreaths will be delivered to you by Tuesday 6th December. 


    The Colour Palettes

    Warm: Delicious berries, juicy clementines, earthy golds, decorative pinks and rich reds

    Cool: Frosty silvers, soft greys, icy lilacs, pale teal, snow whites and cool blues


    Ingredients, colours and materials may vary slightly due to seasonality.

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