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Our Spring Flower Class

I’m sat at my brand new, very old, victorian bureaux desk an eBay find for ten whole English pounds, a happy accident I think! I’ve decorated it with mismatched vessels and leftover flowers from our glorious workshop as well as a photograph of my grandmother. It’s the perfect addition to my little home studio.

I had an early start this morning, as usual, so writing this is a little mid morning pause, with a cup of coffee and a piece of marmalade toast, not as good as my grandmothers marmalade I must add, but still lovely.

Its hailing which is a far cry from the beautiful sunshine we had on Saturday when we hosted our very first London workshop since we moved last May.

My sister Tildy and I arrived early at Bell House to put a pot of coffee on, tinker with the flower table and fill baskets of delicious fresh pastries.

We welcomed a group of wonderful women who had travelled from lots of different places to attend our day of flower classes. We began the morning with a romantic table arrangement class. I talked through my demonstration centrepiece and the key things to think about when making arrangements.

We then went through step by step together and the students all made their own arrangements.

Everyone was at different points in their journey, some wanting to learn a new way of floristry, others just wanting a day to be inspired and to work with flowers but all our guests made such wonderful work and all with such different styles, here are some photographs of our beautiful students work.

After a very delicious lunch of Spring salads, little salmon sandwiches and French bread we celebrated one of our guests birthdays with a little patisserie I collected that morning and a glass of prosecco that aided us perfectly into our afternoon bouquet class.

I demonstrated how to make our garden inspired, light and airy bouquets.

We made bouquets all afternoon with wisps of vines, frilly ranunculus, twisting frittilaria and dusty roses. Everyone chose different colour palettes and textures and there were lots of different designs but of course, all beautiful!

Thank you to all the beautiful girls that came, we adored having you and can’t wait to see updates on all your flower adventures.

Thank you to Bell House for the most perfect venue, to Alex for helping me set up and for carrying all my very necessary (eye roll) props but the biggest thank you of all, to my beautiful sister Tildy for hosting with me! It’s the most wonderful when we do things together and everyone adored you, obviously!

New workshop dates for the upcoming season will be announced very soon and I can’t wait!

If you’d like to be on our workshop list to get early bird tickets please click here.

In the meantime, Happy April and Happy Spring!

Poppy x

p.s. Oh of course, the music! We listened to lots of French jazz, music from my favourite films as well as other songs. I’m not really very knowledgable with music but this is what I like, you can listen to the workshop playlist here


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